Q: Do i have to take a hotel provided on the website for my overnight stay?

A: No. You can choose any hotel you wish. The displayed options are hotels that have a special rate for University events.

Q: What size/format should my poster be?

A: DIN A0 - portrait

Q: What is included in the participation fee?

A: The participation, the conference material (pen, bag, paper), welcome drinks on the 12th, gala dinner on the 14th and the coffee and nibbles during the breaks.

Q: How long will the talks within the symposia be?

A: The two main speakers of the symposia will have 30 minutes each, the other speakers will have 15 minutes. Please include some Q&A-time at the end of your talk.

Q: What is the size ratio of the presentation screens?

A: 3:4

Q: Is there a possibility for on-site printing?

A: There are a few copy-shops in the area, some of which also print DIN A0 posters. Prints usually take about 30-45 minutes if the printer is warm. Price about 29 €. This one for example http://www.diekopie.at/diekopie-09-uni-wien/

We would however advise that you don't wait to the very last day - you may not be the only one wanting to have a poster printed.

Q: I compiled my presentation on a mac - what machines will be in the lecture hall?

A: Windows machines. They have VLC-Player installed. There is a possibility to plug your own macbook into the system BUT you will have to make sure you have your adapter with you.

We would advise to put the presentations on a USB-Stick in a compatible format to give everyone the full experience of your presentation.

Q: When should we give you the presentations?

A: In the breaks before the sessions you should bring your USB stick to the podium and we will load the file to the desktop. This way there will be less delay between talks and one or the other check can be made before we kick off.

Q: I have preliminary data in my talk or poster presentation that I would prefer not to have spread via the internet/social media. What should i do?

A: In times of social media, information spreads very quickly. This is usually a good thing. You may however feel that it is too early for some of the data to go online. We can't prevent this from happening - but what we can do is provide an "icon" or sign to indicate to the viewer that you don't want your data to be shared openly.  It can be downloaded here.

Q: How will I get from A to B in Vienna? Is public transport any good?

A: Public transport in Vienna is one of the best in the world. Tickets can be purchased in every tram or bus. For trains and tube the ticket machines are to be found at the stations. For participants we offer a special service - you can purchase tickets at the registration desk. This is a little cheaper than buying on the tram/bus.




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