Symposium - "Animal vocal communication: function, structures, and production mechanisms"

Keynote speakers: Jacob C. Dunn (UK) & Sue Anne Zollinger (Ger)

While the function of vocal communication and the type of information conveyed by animal vocalizations have attracted of lot of interest in the fields of animal behaviour and ecology, as well as animal welfare more recently, vocal production has remained relatively poorly studied. Despite signs showing that this bioacoustics topic is growing at the moment, it appears necessary to pay more attention to it since the ways in which vocalizations are produced are bound together with sound structure (via anatomical and biophysical sound generation properties) and functionality (via a highlight of the physiological and affective/motivational states of the caller that can be picked up by a listener).

Reaching a better understanding of sound production throughout various animal taxa is therefore a necessary step to investigate the function and establishment of communicative features within the animal kingdom (both at proximate and ultimate levels, respectively such as acoustic gradation in vocal repertoires and the communicative values of acoustic signals in contexts of sexual selection).

Our symposium will extend these ideas by presenting recent studies that aim to improve our insight on some of the biological principles that drive the production and define the role of animal vocalizations. It will consist of a general introduction, followed by studies that are more specific to particular model species, vocal production mechanisms and vocal analysis methodologies.


The European Conference of Behavioural Biology | Universit├Ątsring 1  | 1010 Wien