Symposium - "Behavior meets proteomics – interdisciplinary insights and prospects"

Keynote speakers:  Paula Stockley (UK) & David Biron (France)

Proteins and peptides play a fundamental role in the functioning of all living systems, including as important mediators of behavior. However, the study of the expression, structure and functions of specific proteins involved in the proximate mechanisms of behavior and physiology has traditionally remained beyond the scope of most studies in behavioral and evolutionary ecology. With the increasing accessibility of ever more sophisticated proteomics tools, this situation is rapidly changing. In this symposium, we will showcase how a proteomics approach can and has been successfully applied to topics as diverse as reproductive behavior, host-parasite interactions and chemical communication.

Such studies reveal the remarkable dynamics and responsiveness of the proteome to physiological and environmental stimuli, forming the basis for adaptive phenotypic plasticity. Our twin aims are to highlight recent advances and insights from key researchers in the field who have successfully used proteomics in their work, as well as to demonstrate how others might profitably incorporate proteomic techniques as part of an interdisciplinary research program to gain new insights into vertebrate and invertebrate behavior.
The keynote speakers are experts in employing proteomics, to study mammalian sperm competition and the molecular cross-talk between parasites and their insect hosts, respectively.


The European Conference of Behavioural Biology | Universitätsring 1  | 1010 Wien