Symposium - "The collective side of animal personalities"

Keynote speakers:  Damien Farine (Germany) & Elva J.H. Robinson (UK)

Many organisms group together and perform collective actions, such as eusocial insects, schooling fish, or birds in coordinated flocks to evade predators, forage or roost. Such coordinated actions resulting in emergent properties at the group level is known as collective behaviour. Some animal groups, such as cooperative breeders, have evolved complex societies in which individuals are highly related and reproductive success is closely aligned. Yet, in all cases there is evidence of differences that are consistent over time and contexts - ‘personality’ - among individuals within groups. Our understanding of both collective behaviour and animal personality has progressed tremendously in the last two decades.

Researchers are converging in their search for the link between individuality and collectivity, making this a fundamental and timely issue in evolutionary biology.

In this symposium, we will present a complementary set of contributions that explore this link using both theoretical models and empirical data from various species.


The European Conference of Behavioural Biology | Universitätsring 1  | 1010 Wien